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Malala On Trial!

There are always two sides to any story and it appears that the western world and the media in particular have decided to tell a very one-sided story in the case of Malala Yousafzai. It has been stressed and emphasised that Malala Yousafzai was campaigning for ‘girls education’ and it has been suggested that she was targeted and shot in the head because of this specific reason. As such, she has been idolized and pushed as a heroine of sorts and used as a massive propaganda tool against the Taliban and Islam in general.

However, where did this huge presumption come from? What was the true reason for her shooting? Did Malala do anything else? Does Malala have any other darker role in the American led war against Islam in Afghanistan and elsewhere? Who said the Taliban are even against education for girls? Where is the proof that the Taliban targeted Malala because of her so-called call for ‘girls education’?

Malala Yousafzai’s Activism

Malala Yousafzai – Heroine or Villain?

What is apparent from Malala’s activism in Pakistan is that despite legally being an adult, she has not been promoting any independent thinking or new ideals – rather she has been ruthlessly recruited by Western forces to promote American interests in the region, to promote the western ideology in opposition to Islam, to promote US led military occupation of Afghanistan and call for fighting and killing of Muslims in the region from Taliban and other resistance fighters.

She has also been used to publicly declare unthinkable things to belittle and insult Islam and its symbols that American and Pakistani politicians dare not say directly for fear of their own lives.

In particular, it is known that she praised Barack Obama and his military campaigns publicly and insulted the Hijaab, a fundamental Islamic ruling of Islamic dress for women. These crimes are very serious, especially in times of war and conflict between Islam and its enemies.

Taliban’s Account of the Malala Shooting

It has been insisted by western media that Malala was shot for calling for girl’s education in order to further distort the image of the Taliban and the long held false claim that the Taliban opposes education for girls. This lie has been propagated throughout the world and all of the clear statements contradicting this by the Taliban seem to be deliberately ignored and swept under the carpet.

This attack also seems to have sidelined the thousands of women, young girls and children who have been bombed, killed, kidnapped and even raped and tortured by American soldiers and their allies around the world. Including another girl, Abeer Qassim Hamza, only 14 year old, who was gang raped, burnt alive and murdered by U.S. troops on March 12, 2006 in the Mahmudiyah killings, in which her entire family was also murdered including her six year old sister and mother and father. Unlike Malala Yousafzai, none of these victims were accused of any crimes nor did they survive.

Similarly the countless girls, many much younger than 15 year old Malala, who were stripped of clothes, tortured and sexually abused on camera by laughing US troops in Abu Ghuraib Prison. Taliban representative Ustad Ahmad Farooq also compared the attack against Malala to Western military operations, saying in a letter:

Nobody spoke up for thousands of such Malalas who became victims of military operations, and nobody protested for them on the roads,’ reported by Fox News.

He added:

‘But these circles made so much noise when we targeted this girl who made fun of jihad, the veil and other Islamic values on behest of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

‘This attack created shock waves in the ruling circles around the world. They issued a number of statements condemning the attack on Malala. I may ask why? Why is Malala’s blood more important than those killed by the army?’

It has also been reported that the Taliban had evidence of espionage by Malala and so targeted her as a tactical military operation,

“For this espionage, infidels gave her awards and rewards. And Islam orders killing of those who are spying for enemies,” the Taliban said in a statement.

“She used to propagate against mujahideen (holy warriors) to defame (the) Taliban. The Quran says that people propagating against Islam and Islamic forces would be killed.

“We targeted her because she would speak against the Taliban while sitting with shameless strangers and idealised the biggest enemy of Islam, Barack Obama.”

They also said,

“We did not attack her for raising voice for education. We targeted her for opposing mujahideen and their war,” said the Taliban.

American policy of targeting women

Dr Aafia Siddiqui

Dr Aafia Siddiqui, an educated Muslim female role model who has been targetted for her Islamic views; kidnapped, tortured and abused by the US army. She was shot in custody and still remains hostage to US forces.

America has had a long history of targeting and killing women and children in their wars and occupation including in Iraq and Afghanistan and they have also had a history of targeted kidnapping of Muslim women young and old for holding views and opinions that undermine American ideology and interests including Aafia Siddiqui who was kidnapped with her children, some of whom were killed by US troops. Aafia Siddiqui was a highly educated Muslim woman who was kidnapped, tortured, abused, shot in custody, lost internal organs and imprisoned for life by American forces for no reason except her opposition to western occupation in Muslim lands and her Islamic views.

Another example on American soil, Tashnuba Hayder, a 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped from her home by the FBI, strip searched, interrogated for two weeks without her parents knowledge and deported to Bangladesh, accusing her of being a terrorist with no evidence except, ironically, a school essay that asserted that Muslims seem to be persecuted by US homeland security.

So the question is, had Malala Yousafzai been calling for Islamic education for boys and girls free from western influence and promoting Muslim resistance against US occupation and refuting or undermining ideas and symbols of democracy and secular western values, would she have ended up like Tashnuba or Aafia at the hands of the American aggressors? Or would she still be taken as a heroine and idol by the western media?

What is next?

The next step in the search for justice and to reach the truth in an impartial and fair manner is to put Malala Yousafzai on trial in a Shari’ah court for the crimes she has been accused of, free from interference by western powers. The reality and verdict for Malala Yousafzai will be presented in the upcoming conference in Islamabad.


UPDATE 21st November 2012, There has been a lot of misinformation about our campaign against the apostate regime in Pakistan claiming that we are calling for a death sentence on Malala Yousafzai and that we have called Malala an apostate. This is not true, rather we only wish to investigate the incident objectively and without prejudgement as has been done so far by western media. The reasons and causes leading up to this incident should be considered honestly and frankly.

Declaring apostasy in Islam requires proper verification including to take into account the age, sanity, ignorance and duress of a person and exact details of the alleged act. Furthermore, an apostate is given the chance to explain, to retract and repent from their act. Malala Yousafzai is a young girl who has been accused of serious crimes that must be investigated and there is an opportunity for her to correct herself and others like her while leaving the matter and using them to promote Western interests and US led wars and occupations in Muslims lands is crime that must be condemned. The real criminal that must be addressed is the Pakistani Regime that has used Malala to promote the American occupation and attacks on Muslim lands in Afghanistan and Pakistan and who has actively been indoctrinating the children of Pakistan to grow up with a distorted world view resulting in incidents like what happened to Malala Yousafzai.




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  • Josh

    If a little girl’s criticism shakes your belief system so badly you have to kill her to preserve it, your belief system is weak.

    • Mohammed

      I dont think it is helpful to distort the reasons why Malala was injured, if we want to prevent girls like this from being hurt in the future, we need to be honest and frank about the reality. The west should never have used a little girl as a weapon in their violent wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan; they should never have pushed her or praised her for committing heinous crimes and should not have recruited a young girl as a spy against their enemies. The west is to blame for recruiting Malala as a child soldier in a bloody invasion of a foreign country.

      On the other hand, USA has killed millions of Muslim children and justify it with the fact that they do not believe in American values. They even kidnapped and held children in Guantanemo Bay simply because they oppose America’s foreign policy. Not to mention the destruction and killing at Jamia Hafsah – a Woman’s education facility run by Muslims, simply because they wanted Shari’ah instead of western law/values.

  • Mohammed

    This is not the first time The West has made a criminal a hero to be worshipped, Saddam Hussain used to be a hero and friend to America too, Gaddafi and Mubarak were kept in power for decades by western powers to secure their interests, Malala is just another western tool and weapon to secure western interests in Muslim lands at the expense of Muslims.

  • Terry Jolly

    If you think it’s a ‘heinous crime” for a 14-year-old to express views you disagree with, and she deserve to be shot in the head for it, yours is not a system the rest of the world wants anything to do with. The idea that “the west” is to be blamed because the Taliban tried to kill her is so distorted a view, it destroys any credibility yours protests against American actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan might have.

    • Shariah 4 Pakistan

      Read the article, 1) firstly, regardless of your opinion, you need to be fair and honest in reporting stories such as this, 2) there is no evidence that she was shot just for disagreeing with views of the Taliban, rather because of her open alliance with their enemies during war. 3)The UK also kills people in Afghanistan and Pakistan who openly calls for fighting against western forces and the west are the occupiers not the taliban! UK and USA also kill people for thinking about fighting them privately and they kill many men, women and CHILDREN without asking a single question and without a single crime! look to 14 year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki who was murdered in a drone strike in Yemen, and the countless other children killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan in drone strikes. 4) the western world backed and encouraged the destruction of the biggest Islamic woman’s school in the world Jamia Hafsa in Lal Masjid and they hadn’t fought anybody, but only wanted woman’s Islamic education

      • Popat Lall

        Can you prove any of what the article says.?

        To me it appears to be desperate cover up attempt from cowards who will not spare a defenseless child who don’t agree with their meaningless ideologies.

        Please take your rants to your illiterate masses who will accept whatever you say… Shame on all you folks…

  • What evidence has the Taliban spokesperson provided in support of the claim that Malala was doing espionage work for the US? None. Are we to just take his words for granted?

    If she was shot for condemning them (rightfully so), then what about the thousands of other Muslims, including notable scholars, who have spoken out against the Taliban following the vicious attack on her life? Should all these Muslims be killed?

    It is also sickening to see how Ahmad Farooq equates defaming the Taliban with “propagating against Islam”. Is there an Ijma on the view that anyone who “defames” the Taliban are guilty of apostasy? No.

    “We did not attack her for raising voice for education. We targeted her for opposing mujahideen and their war”

    The Taliban’s opposition to female education is indisputable. Female schools were banned when the Taliban were in control. When they took over Swat Valley, they shut down girls schools. Girls who tried to resist were threatened with acid attacks.

    “The Quran says that people propagating against Islam and Islamic forces would be killed.”

    That is exactly what the Taliban and Al Qaeda are doing. Just like the Americans, they too have the blood of innocents in their hands. The Prophet(saw) said that the Muslims are like one body, if one part feels pain so will the rest. The Taliban and Al Qaeda are a cancer to this body.

    BTW, why isn’t Anjem Choudary fighting against the Kuffar in Afghanistan/Iraq?

    • Shariah 4 Pakistan

      In the time of war between Islam and non-Muslim invaders, siding with the invaders and helping them to fight against the Muslims is apostasy with Ijmaa’ (consensus), see Tafseer ibn Katheer and Tafseer al Qurtubi on the verse 5:51, “O you who believe, do not ally with the jews and christians, they are only allies to one another, whoever among you allies with them, he is one of them…”

      The Taliban never opposed girls education, the fact that they did not have the resources to open schools after 20 years of russian occupation and the only existing curricula was communist or other corrupted syllabi used to indoctrinate children is not an indication that they oppose girls education. Many european countries closed down ALL schools during similar periods of war and conflict.

      Moreover, Jamia Hafsa was the largest Islamic woman’s school in the world and it was destroyed by Pakistan, backed by the West, using the excuse that they were ‘Taliban’! So the west needs to make up their mind and if they are going to lie, don’t claim elephants can fly, The Taliban promote girl’s Islamic education and oppose communist/capitalist/christian missionary indoctrination of boys or girls.

  • “In the time of war between Islam and non-Muslim invaders, siding with the invaders and helping them to fight against the Muslims is apostasy with Ijmaa’ ”

    Between Islam and non-Muslim invaders? Don’t you mean between the Taliban and non-Muslim invaders? Or have you decided for all the Muslims around the world that Islam is equivalent to whatever the Taliban says or does? I specifically inquired about the existence of an Ijma concerning the charge that “defaming the Taliban” is tantamount to apostasy. I did not ask for evidence about scholarly consensus regarding the status of a Muslim who “sides” with the enemy. Clearly you are avoiding my actual request.

    “The Taliban never opposed girls education, the fact that they did not have the resources to open schools after 20 years of russian occupation and the only existing curricula was communist or other corrupted syllabi used to indoctrinate children is not an indication that they oppose girls education. Many european countries closed down ALL schools during similar periods of war and conflict.”

    If the Taliban are not against female education, why did they shut down girls’ schools after taking over Swat Valley? Why did the Taliban threaten girls, teachers and parents who refused to accept their decision? Why were girls’ schools banned but not boys’? It doesn’t matter what the European countries did. These countries don’t claim to be working for Islam, the Taliban does.

    “Moreover, Jamia Hafsa was the largest Islamic woman’s school in the world and it was destroyed by Pakistan”

    So what is this supposed to prove? How does the closing down of a specific Madrassah by the Pakistani Government (even though thousands of other Madrassah’s are operating freely) compare to the blanket ban on girls’ education coupled with threats of murder and acid attacks when the Taliban were in power?

    The arrogance and ignorance of extremists never cease to amaze me. I seek refuge in Allah for myself and the Ummah from the likes of you.

    • Shariah 4 Pakistan

      USA are the invaders of Afghanistan, anybody who helps them in this invasion, occupation and war is an apostate. Whether you like the Taliban or any other group in Afghanistan is irrelevant, allying with the USA in their occupation of Afghanistan is apostasy.

      What the violent destruction of the women’s school Jamia Hafsah BECAUSE they were taliban PROVES is that

      a) Taliban are not against women’s schooling
      b) Pakistan and USA ARE against women’s Islamic schooling and are hypocrites that are only interested in securing their own interests and ideology in the region, not helping the people there.

  • IbnAbutalib

    It is quite clear that you do not have any arguments to offer, choosing instead to repeat yourself vacuously. Thanks for at least posting my comment. May Allah guide you.

    • zafar

      IbnAbutalib Sir! Very well articulated expression from your side really exposed the baseless conviction that people like “shariah4pakistan” are suffering from. May Allah help them and us with the true understanding of his message, and the courage to revisit our opinions.

  • Aamir Malik

    There is no justification for trying to kill your muslim sister. Stop kidding yourselves. Wake up.Taliban have to recognize their shortcommings and realize that Allah suhanawatala in the ayah are not empowereing them – to do any of this.

    He addressed rasoolallah and his companions. There is no evidence you have the you can kill without impunity in a peaceful society.

    May allah subhanawatala do justice and increase your talim. may he instill in you the understanding – and tolerance in your hearts.

    instead of winning over the hearts and minds the taliban have oppressed people. we have forgotten our beloved prophets’ lessons! wake up!

    • Shariah 4 Pakistan

      Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir etc are not living in peace, there is a war going on. It is a sad fact that people die in wars and the sooner that America and her allies get out of the region the sooner peace and security can return to Pakistan. And let them take their puppet Zardari with them.

  • amsatti

    Mr. IbnAbuTalib Mr. zafar it is thinkable that you cannot digest the Islamic picture of Taliban. I wonder if you people can or cannot digest the dual standards of west. I don’t know the hidden story about Malala who have gained worldwide importance, when many innocent children are being killed in drone attacks with each passing day in Pakistan. Is their blood cheaper than that of Malala only for the reason that Malala talked in favor of American lead ware against terrorism (better to say For Terrorism). Why not a child killed in drone strike could get the same importance??? Is there any answer for this simple question or the justification would be collateral damage…forget taliban & others. Who will do the justice….think and accept this reality that in the this world only those ideas and opinions are allowed to be propagated and made to believe which favors American vested interest..and all other realities which except this are sheer piece of garbage..a agree it or not but this is the reality..

  • abu iman

    mashallah good work shariah4pakistan may allah keep your feet firm .
    allah says in quran [al maidah 54] they don not care about the blame of the blamers.
    no matter what the west says the people of haq will carry on they duities inshallah.

  • Tariq

    Aslamo alykum,

    I see an apparent contradiction in your approach, as on one hand you are supporting Taliban and their killings etc and on the other hand you are doing a conference and other political activities. I want to know the method of change, will it come through military struggle of through political struggle? Can Taliban achieve the goal by fighting the mighty army of Pakistan?


    • Shariah 4 Pakistan

      Pakistan Army is not mighty, it is just a rented slave Army. Remember, Pakistan Army could not stand up to Americans in 2001. 12 years later, “mighty” Americans are at the verge of humiliating defeat by the Taliban Mujahideen. Do you think that Pakistan Army who could not even fight against Americans, would now be able to fight against the mighty victorious Taliban Mujahideen?

  • The Nox

    Is it possible that groups like these can understand that not every Western Country is like the USA?

    It was reported that in a survey done a few months prior to the US Presidential Election that those surveyed would have preferred for Mitt Romney to be elected, because of the on-going drone attacks. These drone attacks over the last few years have killed many innocent in a bid to target the few “terrorists” and media in the west have been reporting on this, bbc news and Reuters most especially, but national media in many countries too. In the final debate between Obama and Romney, Romney stated for a fact in the debate that he would launch twice as much drone attacks…. that’s just one individual out of millions to the West of Pakistan and many don’t share his view.

    The annoying thing about groups like this is that no matter what you say, you decide that the actions of the USA is the actions of all the West to your country. Many countries hate the USA. Bush was widely regarded as an idiot and openly mocked, nobody put him in power because his election was rigged, he’s the man from a political party called The Republicans in the USA who are responsible for making many average American citizens, in conjunction with Rupurt Murdoch’s tv network FOX – which nobody outside of the USA would believe to be credible for any story run by FOX News – for making people fear people from the Middle East. The USA loves by so many means to have its people live in fear. A Republican couple from the US I’ve met, well educated and well traveled people, refused to go to Austria and Belgium and a few other countries in Europe because according to them, there were “too many Muslims there”.

    In reality, outside of the USA nobody really cares about religion or that you’re from Pakistan and people generally don’t really care. Muslims only won my respect because of their devotion to religion because the “Christian West” is probably the least Christian in how it treats others in general particularly with using religion as a way to hurt people and manipulate vulnerable and mentally ill people and brainwashing them. I admire the time and attention Muslims do give to prayer, and I dislike those who consider themselves religious yet never attend church and never live by kind values and morals, yet Muslims do.

    Spinning Malala’s shooting like this is alienating those like me who have a brain and aren’t controlled by government and made up news designed to scare people and pulling away my support from people.

    Nobody really knows or cares what the Taliban do, except that no matter what news from what country, Pakistan included, other Muslim countries included, even in areas where there is censorship, we know the Taliban hurt people.

    “The West” is more than just the USA. And there are people in many countries who disagree with every move the USA has made with its military forces. People will support what you say on that basis and we know the scale of what so many US troops did in disrespect to people. Where I am you can buy marijuana grown in Afghanistan, we know it got there by means of US troops. It has been previously reported that marijuana is for the majority, grown in small villages under Taliban “control”. See a connection there?

    In reality nobody really cares about the Taliban. And nobody is going to believe the Taliban and any groups friendly to them are the good guys. Not when you decide that a 15 year old child is under the “influence” of Americans and decide, for whatever reason, she has done wrong. What about free will? What if this was her own free will as a human being? What if she at a young age understands what it is that many in the West who meet the Pakistani men, fresh from their country coming to the West with their ways and mistreat women and disrespect them in this Western culture? I’ve met many Pakistani men who are well educated and respectful to me as a woman when dealing with general matters, when talking about college, jobs, economics, medicine, but when they see me as a woman, they treated me like dirt and with much disrespect, exerting control over me and my life, deciding that I should be their boyfriend and husband without my consent, deciding I should move in with them only after having met them 24 hours ago and deciding I should go to festivities in London for the end of Eid, all without actually asking me, but saying they have decided I am doing so. Maybe Malala is not the one who is wrong, but the Men?

    Do you understand perhaps that “hating” the West really is pointless because it’s actually a mirror image of what Pakistan and Taliban are? The USA by propaganda says we all should fear those Muslims, the Taliban are evil, blah blah, yet the Taliban and YOU say the exact same about “The West”. Who is the more brain washed? The USA or you guys? I think you’re both equally matched.

    Just don’t take it out on a 15 year old child, male or female. That’s just plain wrong even in the eyes of Allah.

  • Barbara

    Here I sit on the other side of the world reading this article, and cannot believe that civilized people would consider killing a child because of her views. If the Islamic people do not want to live by the rules of society in the UK maybe a move to there country of origin is appropriate. I may live down under but I am British and will defend our right to free speech. Take the barbaric thoughts back to the middle east and leave us alone

  • Anti Bullshit

    Whatever you wish to justify, you cannot justify the shooting of this girl. You warped vision of Islam has forgotten tolerance. You are the remaining few.

  • Incognito

    You still don’t target children. Good Lord!

  • Unbelievable

    Reading many of the comments here certainly confirms that religious fanaticism is a type of mental disorder. You folks are sick.

  • Aiesha

    I dont think that Malala shud have been attacked but yes,it is vital for us to stop acknowledging her as a hero or someone who needs attention,I dont think a girl of her age can write all those things in her diary but yes,her father can have a big hand in it……so he should be brought to court

  • Not one of you

    The most ethnocentric, misled, least ISLAMIC, abhorent, ignorant, insulting to Muslim site I have recently encountered. The owners, managers and supporters of this site, mirror exactly the fanatical ethnocentric misled racist organizations like the KKK in the west.



    • Shariah 4 Pakistan

      Your message is nothing but bursts of anger and frustration. We encourage people to come up with rational arguments about an issue and we are happy to have a decent debate. Anger is only a sign of defeat.

      This girl Malala is nothing but a mere pawn used by the Crusader West. How can United Nations, United States and Britain etc be sincere to this so-called Muslim girl while they are killing countless little Muslim girls all over the world by bombing, drone strikes and economic sanctions. Malala is just a little leaf that the Western Crusaders are using to hide their ugliness. She is just a mouthpiece propped up by the enemies of Islam in order to deceive and demonise the Muslims. We Muslims take great care about the education of our girls but we shall never tolerate the kind of education what the Crusader West is trying to enforce through Malala. Our daughters are our honour, unlike he daughters of the West that come out of their education institutions into the streets half or nearly naked. Alhamdolillah, we can see the defeat of the Crusaders both on Military as well as on ideological fronts and this attempt of winning hearts and minds of Muslims through Malala will just be taken as laughing stock in the Muslim world, inshaAllah. Shariah is being implemented not only in many parts of the Muslim world but the light of Islam is also becoming prominent in the Crusader West, Allah o Akbar.

      • Muslimah

        MashAllah Allahu akbar, wise words!

  • AAAA

    How can you justify shooting a kid in the head? Where in the Quran does it say this?

    • Shariah 4 Pakistan

      The people who are really responsible for the shooting of Malala are those Crusaders who are using this naive girl for their dirty propaganda against Islam. This girl is a mouthpiece to promote un-Islamic education in a place where people love Islam and Islamic education more than their lives. Obviously Gordon Brown and Ban Ki Moon can never be brave enough to go to Swat valley and promote their sick ideology. These cowards are then relying on young Malala who is just reading the speeches handed over by her evil father and his Crusader financiers.

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